EVENTS AND FILMS CO. provides end-to-end solutions in event management, corporate film making and celebrity management with unmatched quality and strength

We understand your need for customized services and provide nothing but the best. We take care of every aspect of your event, exhibition and corporate film, and guide it from conceptualization to production, post execution analysis and budgeting, ensuring that it becomes a success and achieve expected ROI.

EF Events: Provide 360° solution for all kind of corporate events, trade shows, BTL promotions, activation and MICE services.

EF Films: Whether it is Corporate Films and Audio Visuals or creating your distinctive corporate identity, we share your vision to offer you a comprehensive solution.

EF Design: One stop solution provider for Interior, retail environments across all retail formats and channels as a connecting bridge for consumer and brand.


To create world-class events & films that connect, educate and inspire.

We are committed to ensuring you receive tailored event and film solutions that bring exceptional results. We ensure the process, planning and execution is implemented with ease and fluency for our clients. We want you to not only love the experience of your event, but also the experience of working with us!

INTEGRITY We maintain integrity in all our interactions and partnerships with others, whether employees, clients, prospects or third parties.

SOLUTIONS We strive to continually enhance, improve and increase value to our clients by providing desired tailored event solutions. The knowledge, experience, capabilities and key learning's of our team are continuously enhanced, giving us the leading edge.

AUTHENTICITY We strive to be authentic in our dealings with others, whether employees, clients or third parties. Our genuine approach helps us foster trust in the many connections and partnerships we form.

PASSION We offer superior customer service. We are passionate about doing our best and improving the things we do.

TEAMWORK We cultivate a genuine team spirit, with all others benefiting from our unity.

EXCELLENCE We strive for excellence in all that we do.

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